You're So Quiet…But #NeverAgainIsNow

a poem

Lindsay Soberano Wilson


Photo by Andre Morales Kalamar on Unsplash

you’re so quiet —
they slaughtered us again
ripped out babies from bellies
beheaded babies
wiped out entire families

there's a boy — a boy, you know
who went on a jog
he’s the same age as my eldest
and now an orphan
he buried his entire family today
~bless Ariel Zohar~

families torn apart…ripped apart…from one another…ripped apart into butchered pieces…ripped apart fetus…ripped apart…

I was just in Israel this summer
for the first time in 19 long years
the age of some of those at the rave
the last time I was in Israel

they were the children of Israel
like the kids I taught at Kibbutz Amiad in the north
they are all of our children
all of our cousins, all of our grandmothers

They burned down an old synagogue in Tunisia today
marked homes in Berlin with Jewish stars
university students dressed up as Jews at a protest
university students ripped down signs of kidnapped Israelis
women wear machine gun earrings
the media blames Israel for the hospital rocket attack

but Jews control the media, right?

You’re so quiet, but also so loud
it’s deafening, but not defeating
the quiet is so deafening it echoes

and the antisemitism and death chants
and cheers and jeers and sneers and smears
pierce my ears like chalk on a chalkboard

You liked us better when we were weak
it is not our job to be meek
when it is our Jewish life Hamas hunts for sport.

When Lindsay isn’t writing about being a teacher and mother, she explores poetry, mental health



Lindsay Soberano Wilson

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