#2 Update

My Medium Writing Journey: Themes, Followers, a New Pub

And a Look at Just Where it All Began

I had a really great month of achievements here on Medium. During the month of February, I gained 150 new followers who I want to thank for their support, and I earned my first host of Top Writer Badges.

I earned my first badge in #Feminism at the start of the month. The stories that got me there include Tamar: A Biblical Story of Female Empowerment, How 18th Century Female Writers Reclaimed the “Whore”, as well as for my poem Sex Miseducation on women’s health. More recent stories in this vein include I Thought I was Too Much, Recover from a Love-Hate Relationship with Your Body, and Top 10 Reasons I Became a Feminist.

I then earned a second badge in #LGBTQ. This was because I chose to bare my soul this month and I came out as a bisexual woman in a heterosexual marriage. The stories that got me this badge include, The Day I Told My Husband I Missed Being with a Woman, When and How I knew I was Bisexual, and the poem Utopia I Have Seen which focuses on my blended world of motherhood, bisexuality, and the fact that I am still sexual despite being a mom (an existence that society likes to cancel).

Then I managed to swindle another badge in #ThisHappenedToMe because, well, sometimes shit just happens. The articles that got me there include The Day I Told My Husband I Missed Being With a Woman, and my top-earning story thus far for views — -I Should Have Ben More of a Slut! My recent story, My First Time at a Nude Beach Wasn’t Like the First Time was also in this batch.

Lastly, I earned a badge in #Travel for My First Time at a Nude Beach Wasn’t Like the First Time, Explore Sex in Sexy Settings, and Make Your Heart a Home, which is a piece that explores and promotes my upcoming chapbook about a Canadian wandering Jewess in Israel and Germany, who eventually learns that Home is Where the Heart is in Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir (coming soon).

Upcoming Debute Chapbook, Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir (Poetica Publishing) coming soon.

These promotional and informative articles explain more about the chapbook:

Quarantine Quarters was Distributed

It’s not often that erotic poems are chosen for further distribution, at least not in my limited experience here, since joining in December 2020.

Check out the sexy poem Quarantine Quarters about lovers/parents who get a free night after months of parental obligations due to the lockdown:

Motherhood Poems and Articles

I am also really proud of the stories and poems on motherhood that I published this month. I am particularly proud of my choice to publish a picture of me breastfeeding my youngest child in the poem, Our Sanctuary because it’s part of the fight to normalize this sacred space. I am also proud of This Body is Electric which blends motherhood, sexuality, and mother earth. In the Waiting Room explores miscarriages/women’s health.

New Publication: PUT IT TO REST

I also began a publication this month but it is in its infancy. So far I have only created one article The Vindication That Never Was: When My Childhood Bully Apologized, and the Submission Guidelines.

I am looking to promote mental health and wellness while encouraging writing as a therapeutic endeavor to writers and non-writers. I am looking for people who have a story to tell to finally PUT IT TO REST, and LET IT GO.

I have one friend who is working on a story about friendships right now, and I have an up-and-coming story on an experience of being victim-blamed that I am not only working on, but still working out so to speak.

I am tagging writers who may want to consider submitting a story and joining in on this exercise or can perhaps recommend the publication to someone who they think would benefit from the exercise. As I say I am not afraid of the challenge of being an editor and working with those who have a story to tell but do not necessarily consider themselves as writers.

E. Scott Alighieri Elle Beau ❇︎ Dennett Ellen Nguyen ◦•●Christina M. Ward ●•◦ GB Rogut Ioana Andrei Eva Rotolo Imad Vincent Pisano Zara Everly Jupiter Grant Ritika Sharma Meghan Madness Aimée Gramblin Bingz Huang Samantha Lazar Jon Bagnato SouthpawPoet Modern Parent Denise G Marie Jones Eternal_Angel Renee Quick Jeff Ehren Nasia Tarn Sarene B. Arias Esteban Giancaterino Vixen Lea Jorge Vallejo Shirley Raquel Plank Ryan DeJonghe Sara Melissa Frost Lover Boy in Space Priyanka Srivastava Somsubhra Banerjee Carolyn Hastings Squeeze the Avocado KooKooBananas Amy Pierovich Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) Art Bram Sydney Duke Richey Laura Silverstein, LCSW

A Glimpse into Where It All Began

I also shared a lot of vulnerability and personal information about my past and my renewed commitment to writing in this personal essay. I would like to especially thank Aimée Gramblin for all of her mentorship and support:

With that being said, the feature picture for this second update on my writing journey here, is of my bag of journals from childhood, teenaged years, and early adulthood. I am also going to include some pictures of handwritten and painted poems from a scrapbook collection I made in a Creative Writing class in High School:

Thank You for Reading and Supporting Me!

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Sex-Positivity | Motherhood | Mental Health | Literature | Travel | Education (BA, BEd, MA). Top Writer — Poetry, Feminism, LGBTQ, Travel & This Happened to Me.

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