I “Unfollowed” Women In Post-Divorce Romances Who Photo Dump

After ghosting social media for many years…

Lindsay Soberano Wilson


Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

I get it, so many couples crashed and burned during the pandemic. So many women felt “lesser than” due to failed marriages even when they didn’t have anything to be ashamed of.

So much so, that they dropped off the face of this earth when going through a divorce.

Although I can empathize with them, it’s made me realize we don’t interact on social media anymore as it is, and that I don’t want to follow them into the next chapter.

Besides I’m only talking about women where we were only “friends” on social media.

I don’t have to witness their desire for validation on social media when they suddenly reappear from the shambles post-divorce, only to incessantly phot-dump me with lovey-dovey pictures of their newfound “true” love. Puke!

Maybe if they hadn’t dropped off the face of the earth, I wouldn’t feel this way.

Because not all women do this. I admire women who take us through their journey of becoming reacquainted with the self. There is nothing I love more than being able to witness a woman who is finding herself.

Like the mom who never went out who is now going on all these girls’ nights. And suddenly, she’s looking like a sexy vixen and owns her power and space. Recently, I became reacquainted with one of these women.

I met Shayla through a friend years ago. We had added one another on social media but we didn’t interact much — that was until she went through a divorce and her life seemed to light up, and I wanted a piece of her light.

She ended up coming out to celebrate my birthday and we had fun getting reacquainted. We’re both passionate and strong, and she inspires me.

On the other hand, I feel annoyed and uninterested in women who went dark during a divorce only to resurface when their life is “perfect” again.

It’s one thing to post a picture of your new love, but then you have to go and photo-dump, incessantly. I



Lindsay Soberano Wilson

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