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Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir

Make Your Heart a Home that You Can Carry Anywhere and Everywhere

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Make Your Heart a Home that You Can Carry Anywhere and Everywhere

A Hybrid Journal of Poetry and Memoir that explores how being a traveler shaped a Canadian woman’s sense of community, identity, and home.

“This travel journal explores how I identify with my culture, history, traditions, and roots.” -Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

With life moving at a slower pace and travel coming to a halt due to the pandemic, Lindsay Soberano-Wilson crafted a hybrid journal of poetry and memoir about how her sense of community, identity, and home was shaped by her past travels. Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir (Poetica Publishing) is the story of a Canadian woman on an inner and outer journey to find “home”. As the granddaughter of Spanish Moroccan immigrants and Romanian Holocaust survivors, she travels to Israel and Europe (1997–2005) to explore her roots. She navigates landscapes of the past and present to consider relationships with the Diaspora, Israel, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, terrorism, and Zionism. By confronting history, she heals intergenerational trauma, and dispels the wandering Jew motif by discovering home is where the heart is. Inevitably, home is rooted in her rich Moroccan Sephardic culture (Jews from Spain and Portugal), concluding the memoir with a bittersweet eulogy to her late grandfather, Marcos Soberano.

Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir explores Soberano-Wilson’s relationship to her culture, tradition, and homeland, while also reflecting on how she internalizes terrorism and antisemitism. For example, the author reflects on the impact that being in Israel in 2004 for Yom Hazikaron (remembrance day) had on her. She also integrates how terrorism impacts Jews in the Diaspora by sharing the tragic story of Marnie Kimelman (1972–1990), a Toronto Jewish youth murdered in Tel Aviv by terrorists. The chapbook is dedicated to her memory and to all victims of terror.

The concluding poem, Tikkun Olam (a Jewish philosophy that the world can be healed through social justice), is a meditation on how healing the self is a microcosm of the world.


“Sometimes you lock your heart inside a dank passage
you forgot you had and then you stumble upon it
~ a dusty old book ~
at once you’re hooked
to a long-forgotten oath
Is this what it means to be woke?
from a dream
a whimsical dream
like a shell of laborious protection
I was sleeping in between”

This is an excerpt from, Kaleidoscopic Views of Toronto and Israel: A Travel Memoir.

The desert changed as swiftly as Israel’s political climate. The desert also changed as swiftly as my viewpoint — almost like looking through a kaleidoscope. It transformed from ugly to beautiful and from beautiful to ugly right before my eyes. Some days I looked at her in disgust: the wind howled and made the windows shake. If I opened the window, hot air and mucky desert dust would blow in. While I was in Israel I could not help but realize that even the views I hold of her were surely destined to change as swiftly as the weather. Because when I looked back at the limited perspective I used to have of Israel, I knew that this time was not any different. There was still so much to learn. But, what I did know was that for a 25-year-old, I had discovered a lot. I know that nothing is black and white. I just hope that others can adopt this technique when passing judgment on Israel because too many people judge her before taking the time to get to know her.

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is a poet, teacher, and freelance writer. She is a member of the Canadian League of Poets. Her poems and articles have appeared in publications such as Poetry Pause, FreshVoices22, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Scary Mommy, and Poetica Magazine. In addition to addressing self-identity and travel, Soberano-Wilson’s writing explores motherhood, feminism, sex-positivity, education, relationships, mental health, and literature. She holds a MA (English Literature) and a BEd from the University of Toronto, and a BA (Creative Writing and English Literature) from Concordia University.

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is the editor of Put It To Rest. Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry & Memoir is available at Find her on Medium, Instagram, or Twitter. Lindsay Soberano-Wilson©2021.

Poet, Teacher & Editor (BEd, MA). Sex-Positivity | Motherhood | Mental Health | Relationships. Top Writer: Poetry, Feminism, Travel, LGBTQ.

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