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Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Sexuality and Relationships

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It’s no surprise that maintaining an active and rewarding sex life is high on my list of relationship goals. Considering my husband and I recently celebrated our 15-year-anniversary, I suppose you could say, we've seen a lot.

We’ve gone through dry spells, dips and spikes, and magnetic bursts of sexual energy and excitement. While we’ve discovered creative solutions for our personal challenges, and consequently explored new avenues to “spice things up”, nothing comes close to the sentiment that sex is a muscle: the more you use it, the more you want it.

And yet, a more recent realization is that…

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I was in my early 20s when my family doctor asked me if I wanted to consider getting a breast reduction. I didn’t reveal any personal information that would prompt her to ask me this question. I didn’t complain about back pain. I didn’t even talk about my breasts, actually, but she did.

She framed her question around the concept that our healthcare system here in Ontario, Canada was continuing to provide funding for this procedure, and that I should really consider this “opportunity.”

I had never even thought of having a breast reduction; that was until those around me…

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“Just be nice,” said my husband, as he could sense my growing frustration with the Uber driver.

“But I was nice the first time I asked; no one is listening to me, and I am uncomfortable. I want to get out of the car,” I said firmly.

It didn’t take long for me to feel uncomfortable. Besides the cheap pleather, seats, there was no music on. I live in the Greater Toronto Area, and I am used to Uber drivers picking me up on a Saturday night with some good beats. I don’t choose to Uber very often; it’s expensive…

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Stop pretending that men don’t really care for big breasts after all, and simply acknowledge that you can‘t have it all.

There’s something I have to get off my big chest. I’m sick of other women talking about our large breasts like they know anything about them. I am also especially sick of other women speaking for men.

As a woman with fabulous large breasts, I am done apologizing. I am also done looking the other way. When I feel other women cross the line, I will speak up. I am done trying to make myself feel small.

Suddenly, I…

Poetry Matters: I am a Canadian, Jewish, Bisexual writer, and my identity colours my writing. I write poetic stanzas and paragraphs on sex-positivity, motherhood, mental health, travel, education, and storytelling.

I know by now that you must know that I have a lot to say and I don’t hold back. Actually, I may as well take the time to tell you a bit about myself. Firstly I am a blunt and outspoken person. Maybe it’s because I’m petite and I make up for it by being feisty. In any case, I’m also really passionate. I love food, chocolate, fashion, travel…

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Do you ever really know someone?

Or only who they have become
or who they were
or who they were going to be

Do you ever really know someone
the way you think you do?

Or are you just
what they thought you were
or just part of who they think
they should be

Maybe when there is no more trust
when you know too much

And if you never know yourself
can you ever really know someone else?

What about when you both
run away from yourself
and are finally forced to look
at one another
and in the mirror
all at once…

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You asked me to stay
by looking in my deep, dark
deliciously brown eyes
twirling my hair
and tugging on the seam
of my black lace underwear

You asked me to stay
by kissing my golden
tanned neck
keeping me warm
with your dirty
blonde locks
and twisting up
some moon rocks

You asked me to stay
by inhaling me
and then you
like a Sativa strain
with your button nose
and soft, pale white, butter cake lips
and even with
your fingertips —

I stayed
because you asked
me to…

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is the editor of Put It To Rest. Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry & Memoir is available at Find her on Medium, Instagram, or Twitter. Lindsay Soberano-Wilson©2021.

Photo by Andrey Stakhovskiy on Unsplash

I see the way you look at me
secretly ache for me
take a sneak peek at me
and then turn the other way.

Do you see me in our youth?

That summer where we both
allowed ourselves to be used
holed up in your blind-shaded
bedroom, steamy and sticky from us
like the afternoon sun.

But you always had to run
and I didn’t mind the fun
sometimes we even played dumb
and pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend
for a night, sometimes two…
maybe it was to numb the pain
or justify our summer fling.

Yet, I think…

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Author of Casa de mi Corazon| Poet | Editor: Put It To Rest (Founder) & iPoetry .(BEd, MA). Sex-Positive|Mental Health| Relationships|LGBTQ|

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